This was my last swim with the Tri club so I was determined to be there; I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the swim set as it involved the use of fins. My fins are in a big cardboard box that is probably in a warehouse waiting to be loaded into a container and be taken overseas. I did spend a lot of time chatting to people at the pool side and not actually swimming but I felt that in this case, I was fully justified in doing that


After the swim Loved one and I settled into a cup of hot chocolate and a toasted tea cake. The head coach wandered over and thanked me of all the things that I’d done for the club during my time with them. I was quite touched as I really thought that I did the bear minimum.


The house is feeling quite empty now that most of my possessions are no longer there. The main problem though is that there is very little to do. I sat on the sofa and whiled away and hour or so by sleeping and playing silly computer games


I’d organised a little party in a local pub as a sort of farewell to all the people I know. I turned up to find four people had already arrived. I have a particular nervousness about organising these sort of things as I’m convinced that no one will turn up. My fear was dispelled within the hour as more people arrived and wished me well. A few commented on how my coaching had helped them, this surprised me as I have never been given this sort of feedback on my coaching.


We left the pub at really quite late and left a trail of sandwiches behind us. I was tired and clueless about how much beer I’d drunk. It was a lot.


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