Some friends had arrived from the midlands last night to wish me well, they were staying in a local campsite. I’d offered to take them out for breakfast at a local café. A full English was probably the best thing for my hangover as well. We sat there and chatted as if the last twenty years had not existed. It was so nice to see them again.


The rest of the day was lost to the vagueness of the hangover. I wasn’t capable of much more that sitting on the sofa and dribbling. This is why I don’t go out drinking that often.


Mum had invited us over to eat at one of their friend’s houses, or at least that is what I think happened. I picked up Mum, Dad and many bottles and drove them there. We sat down to a prawn and melon starter followed by a roast lamb Sunday dinner. It was a wonderful dinner but I really could face any of the wine that was freely flowing.

Traffic Lights

On the way home, I nearly pulled out into a lane of fast moving traffic as I was looking that the wrong traffic lights. I was very tired, I needed sleep.


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