Welcome to my diversion


Who am I?

I’m just an ordinary person. I am an individual just like everybody else. I enjoy some things and dislike others. I have my moments but you could walk past me in the street and not notice me at all. I keep a few blogs and scribble down ideas, notes and journals. It really doesn’t get more complicated than that.

What am I doing here?

This is where I scribble down random thoughts and ideas. It’s a place for reflection and ranting. It’s a mixed jumble of unconnected observations masquerading as a diary. It’s where I try and make sense of the nonsense and make nonsense out of the trivial. Common themes may arise and then slip away. A passion may burn brightly and then disappear. I’ve no idea really as I have no idea how it’s going to develop. It’s a journey but don’t be fooled by the chronology, just because the title says the name of a day and today has the same name doesn’t mean that it was written today or it’s about today, It wont be. I like to allow time to edit, time to develop and sometimes to wait a while.

Where else am I?

I have another blog called Ill conceived plans poorly executed that has longer pieces on some of the events I take part in. There are pictures too. I’d be delighted if you you pop by sometime

I have yet another blog called Wieder was gelernt? that is written in German it, It’s essentially the stories I write for my German homework. The spelling is a bit wonky and the grammar is suspect but I enjoy writing it.


You can also find me on instagram

And who are you?

This is not an existential question, just a plea for a like or comment below. I’m always curious about who reads my stuff and why.




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