I had no intention of cycling this morning, I felt that the cold was receding but I wasn’t willing to get out there and do things until I was sure that I was well past the worse and on my way to a recovery. It didn’t matter that I had a choice of two ride to go on or that I really wanted to go out for a ride. I tried to convince myself that I was looking at the bigger picture and that I wasn’t just being lazy.


I tackled the pile of ironing instead of cycling. It is a poor substitute but at least something is accomplished by the end of it.


I used the vista of time that I now had to finish a video that I’d been intending to make for a while now. It was meant to have a commentary but due to my lack of voice I decided that the backing music was enough.


I hate writing cover letters, I had four to write today. It takes me ages to get them just right. The afternoon flew by in a flurry of frustration.


We had salad and calamari for tea tonight. Although the calamari looked like large rubber bands they tasted much better than that.


I received a letter that told me that I’ve moved onto the stage of the administrative process to live in this country. I felt that a small beer or two were required to celebrate.




There was no way that I was going to run today. I felt that it would just make my recovery longer. I slept instead.


There was a line of ants leading from the back door through the laundry, across the hallway, up over the cupboard, round the fridge and along the bench tops. It ended in the kitchen sink although some of the ants had gone a bit further in search of whatever ants search for. This called for some action. The benches where cleaned and anything that would pique an ant’s curiosity was cleaned away. That dealt with a lot of the problem. There were still a lot of ants in the laundry, attracted by the old cat food. I dealt with that as well and then resorted to chemical warfare. It didn’t make me feel good but it did get rid of the ants.


I spent most of the day in a daze, half sleeping, half awake. I felt like there was a battle going on inside me and all I could do was wait for the results. My voice we an octave or two lower, I’m not sure if that was a good sign or a bad sign.


Loved One had invited the neighbours over for dinner this evening. I wasn’t really feeling up to witty conversation and social niceties but I gave it my best. It was pleasant enough to eat outside so we sat round the table and chatted into the dark interrupted only by the appearance of some very large spiders. Loved One is not a fan of spiders, they had to be disappeared in a life ending way.



I was thankful for our usual Monday morning lie-in. I still didn’t feel good. I was quite glad that I had nothing to excessive to do today as I really didn’t feel like entering the waking and well world


Loved One needed to go into the city today to drop off some documents and to buy some less than necessary vital supplies. I came along to offer moral encouragement and tissues. I lost the will after a few hours.


We got home and I went for a lie down on the bed. I got off the bed an hour or so later still feeling ill. I’d decided that there would be no running tomorrow and cycling on Wednesday looked dodgy too.


I had a call from a potential employer so I had to move from ill to business in double quick time. I think that I sounded like a rational human being even though I didn’t feel like one. For reasons I shouldn’t have thought about I now have a meeting and early o’clock on Thursday morning.


We had been invited to a barbeque this evening to celebrate the birthday of a friend of Loved One. I didn’t feel like going as an evening on the sofa was really appealing. I’m glad that I did as they served some fantastic pork ribs. We left early as Loved One had work the next day and I needed sleep.



We had signed up to do a swim this morning but in my heart of hearts I knew that that would not do me any good. I really wanted to do the swim but my body wasn’t willing. I stayed in bed whilst loved on went off. This was probably the best arrangement. I’m no fun when I’m ill. Instead of swimming I wallowed in the sheets and slept fitfully. I know that in the long run it will speed my recovery but missing an event due to a cold doesn’t make me happy.


Loved One came home to find me sleeping. I spent the rest of the day in a sleepy haze. I had taken some pills that dry everything out and take away the headache but what they don’t do is take away the feeling of being ill.


After a day of sleeping I felt tired so I went to bed early.



We had stayed the night of that we could go directly to the beach. I wasn’t in a good way. I was producing enough secretions to be a biohazard. I stayed in bed whilst the others went for a swim. It seemed like only a few minutes before they were back.


I was given some cold pills. They are designed to dry all the fluids and relieve headaches. They certainly did that but they didn’t take away the feeling of being ill. I feel that the body is just a battle ground for various microorganisms. My feeling of lousiness is just collateral damage.


We had to pick up a cake on the way home. I was imagining something round and cake like but instead it was like a pile of little tubes piled on each other. It looked very delicate. We had to transport this cake in the car. This made us very nervous.


We went to the surf to see the spectacular end of the big row. The rowers came to sure accompanied by lots of small boats and a fire boat spraying a large arc of water.


We went to a friend’s birthday party this evening. I wasn’t really in the mood for this sort of gathering but felt that I should go if only to ensure that the cake make in in one piece. The top fell off as we turned into the drive way. It was very disappointing.


I spent most of the evening talking to a racing driver who had been involved in an accident and lost the use of his legs. Since then he had gone on to advocate for the rights of disabled people. It was a really interesting chat, I just wish that I’d been a bit more alert. For most of the evening I felt as if my head was stuffed with cotton wool.



It was windy outside and some of the windows were open. This resulted in a door banging with annoying regularity. It wasn’t loud enough to force me out of bed straight away but it was loud enough to become very annoying very quickly. I tried very hard to ignore it but eventually I go up and tried to find the source and silence it.


I met the other three at the usual place and we headed down to the coast accompanied by a brisk sidewind. Turning left the sidewind became a headwind and the ride became a struggle. I was almost thankful for the brief sprint up the hill at the turnaround point. Whilst heading back I made a bit of a mistake by not overtaking a bus. I was on the front and keeping the pace when I noticed that the bus was indicating to pull out. I though the guy next to me said he was stopping so I pulled on the breaks. He wasn’t. I managed to drop everyone into the gutter behind the bus. They weren’t happy with that. No one spoke to me on the way back to the café.


I stoned the last of the plums ready for the dryer this morning. I was rather glad to see the back of this batch. I know that there are still some more on the tree but they won’t be ready for a little while yet.


During the afternoon I started feeling the metallic taste in the back of my throat that was a tell-tale sign of a cold coming on. Suddenly the feelings of lethargy and tiredness made sense. It gathered pace throughout the afternoon. By the time Loved One came home I was in the throes of a full-blown summer cold.


We had been invited to a friend’s house for dinner this evening. I didn’t feel much like being sociable this evening, in fact I would have rather curled up in bed and slept for a very long time but we went anyway. It was a lovely evening of food, drink and conversation but I found it utterly exhausting. I was glad we were staying the night as I wasn’t sure I could stay awake much longer.



I really didn’t feel like getting out of bed this morning. I woke up tired and carried on feeling a deep physical tiredness that even the first cup of tea could hide. My entire body wanted to stay under the covers and sleep for another many hours. The problem was that it would have been entirely possible for me to stay in bed all day but I felt that that would set a dangerous precedent that would lead to slippery slope to a long decline into sloth. Eventually I levered myself out of bed and got myself prepared.


The lethargy extended to going for a run. I really didn’t want to go today. My heels felt a bit sore and the rest of my body felt creaky and used. I spent a long time putting my shoes on before stepping out of the door and into the world. During the first run my lace came undone. This presented me with a dilemma. Should I stop now and tie it up, would this count as part of my three minutes of running? Should I carry on until the beep on my watch tells me to walk and risk tripping over? By the time I had pondered all these my watch went beep to tell me to start walking for a minute. I felt it was time to tie the lace.


I got bored of doing things on the computer so I decided to go for a swim. I’d thought about it yesterday but the enthusiasm wasn’t there. When I arrived, I found that I had the whole pool to myself. I felt good about this. It meant I could just get on with swimming without other people getting in my way. I started off with some gentle laps and then followed it by some faster laps to the tune of my swimming metronome. It got quite hard by the end of the repeats and I felt that my arms were starting to fall off. I was quite glad to get to a few gentle laps to cool down.


The changing room was full of a school group getting changed. The high-pitched squeals of high jinks and the smell of team age deodorant was rather annoying. I was quite glad when a teacher appeared to usher them out. I was happier in an empty changing room.


I had a few errands to run and I’d plotted a route to take me past the shops I had to visit. This was slightly marred by the tyres on the bike being a bit flat. This made the handling a little sketchy and ruined the fun of hurtling between shops. I pumped up the tyres on all the bikes. It was a little too late but better than never


The courgette plants had produced a few more courgettes so that settled the daily dilemma of what to have for tea. Salmon on a bed of courgette noodles with a side salad of home grown tomatoes, Lettice, some garlic mushrooms, cucumber and red onion. It was really quite satisfying.


Loved one had to deal with a mound of admin this evening so I busied myself with clearing up after tea. I knew that the computer frustrations would start anytime soon and I would be summoned to make “the stupid computer” do what she wanted.


I was tired and I had an early start in the morning so I wanted an early night. I sat down with a light beer and contemplated going to bed whilst it got later and later.



The alarm made un unwelcome intrusion into my sleep. I’d gone to bed far too late last night to get up this early in the morning. It was still dark as I clambered into my cycling clothes. Loved One stayed asleep. Pointedly very asleep.


I met the others at the usual place and we headed to the coast at a furious pace. I carefully placed myself near the back of the peloton so that there was no danger of me taking a turn. The pace was far too high and I was far too tired to pull this lot along. I lasted to the usual roundabout but decided to turn back there. I wasn’t sure I could hold a wheel at that pace. The end result would have been the same, me cycling back alone.


The strawberries were ready this morning. It is very hard not to eat them all in one bug hand full when I take them out of the dehydrator but I resisted


I’ve found a recipe for plum chutney which comes down to boiling plums in vinegar and sugar with a few spices. The kitchen now smells of warm vinegar.


We tried some of the chutney with some ordinary cheddar on a biscuit. It tasted of plum which was a good thing but it needed something else to give it a bit of a bite. I’ll have to look for another recipe that includes other ingredients.


We had the salmon with some boiled potatoes and a small green salad. It was really nice.


The sky was full of clouds tonight and they obscured the view of the moon. I was prepared to sit up all night to watch the lunar eclipse but as always, the clouds came in and ruined the show. Yet again I missed a lunar eclipse.



My calves were feeling used this morning, battered and bruised and generally sore. I felt that I should go for a run but my enthusiasm for doing it was waning. I forced myself out to do a 16-minute run walk. During the second run I realised that I had forgotten to do my usual stretches, I almost gave up at that point. I didn’t really enjoy todays run.


I’ve sold another photograph, at this rate I might be able to pay for my photographic equipment in a few decades. I’m sure others will say that this could be the start of something big but they are far too optimistic. I feel that it is the start of something small and insignificant.


I should have taken the fish out of the freezer so that we could have it for tea but I got carried away with the labour of trivial tasks and forgot. We will not be having fish for tea.


I had another fruit picking session on the plum tree this afternoon. It yielded yet another bucket of plums. I have no idea what to do with them.


We bought far too many strawberries on Monday so I spent a while preparing them to be dried. I thought it would be a quick job but as is the way with quick things it seemed to take ages. At least I’ll have dried strawberries to add to my collection of dried fruit.


The next-door neighbour asked if we would like to pick plums from our tree from his side of the fence. I thought that I had finished picking plums for a while but I was cruelly mistaken. I now have another bucket of plums. I feel that chutney may happen in the near future


I set up my camera to take pictures of the moon. The man on the radio had mentioned a lunar eclipse so I’d hoped to take some pictures of that. Had I listened more closely I would have registered that the lunar eclipse was tomorrow.



Monday is lie in day so it would have been rude to get out of bed too early. We stayed in bed for an indecent length of time just reading and playing games.


My lie in was disturbed by a phone call from a job agency. I stood in the lounge, naked, answering business style questions. It felt a little surreal.


I had a physio appointment today. I wasn’t really looking forward to it as the pain in my heels has got was worse over the last two weeks. At least my troubles weren’t as bad as another patient there. He had something wrong with his back that left him almost immobile. I’ve no idea how he got there but it took him about half an hour to leave. The physio worked my calves and then stuck needles in them. Afterwards I felt that I’d been kicked in both calves


I’m in a magazine. The article isn’t about me but there is a name check and two photographs with me in the background. I’ve not been asked for my autograph yet but it’s only a matter of time.


We were going to go into town this afternoon to exchange a gift card for goods but time was against us. Instead we stoned plums and make more plum sauce and stewed plums. I’m getting a bit fed up with processing plums and I’ll be glad when the tree is devoid of plums.


We had a salad Nicoise tonight or at lease my version of it. In my world it is a normal salad with added potatoes and boiled eggs. I added some bacon as well as there was some in the back of the fridge that needed using. The end result was really tasty and may have had a slight French accent.


Loved One had some admin to do this evening. She has been avoiding it for a while and it has got to the point where it must be done. She disappeared into the “office” to get it done. I could tell it was hard work by the various computer problems, curse words and loud silences that came from the room. I felt that sitting on the sofa and watching the television through closed eyes wouldn’t help the situation so I attacked the ironing pile instead.