We got up late as we didn’t really have too much to do today. We decided on a late breakfast that could also be called an early lunch, mainly because all we had in the fridge was eggs, bacon and mushroom


I got impatient and called the agent. She said that she was on the phone to the perspective tenants. Ten minutes later she phoned back asking me to ring them. They seemed to have an issue with the wall in the small room.

Phone call

I rang him and explained about the wall and he seemed happy. In fact, he went as far as to say that he was looking forward to moving in and would take the cat. I was, understandably, happy: the house had people, the cat had a home.


I received an e-mail from the agent. It wasn’t the news I wanted to hear. Despite all his nice words and platitudes, the couple had pulled out. There is nothing like swinging from a high to a low in a couple of hours. I was incandescent with rage and annoyance. I retreated into my own world and sort solace in my happy place but there was none to be found. My biggest concern was the cat. Now she had no home to go to.


A woman had offered to look after the cat last week, I’d explained about the tenants and said that I’d get back to her if it all went wrong. I dropped her a message in the hope that she was still as willing as last week; she wasn’t. In the meantime, “friends” had counselled here on the perils of old cats and vet bills and made her rather wary. I can understand it but it didn’t mean I had to like it.


I had one last chance. I had an email address of someone a friend had met in a farm shop. I sent the mail and hoped.


They rang fifteen minutes later. This was a good sign. They asked us to come over and see if the place was suitable. This was an even better sign.


We found the house and settled in to a cup of tea and conversation. They were an array couple looking for an elder cat. The house had an air of designed neglect, it looked ideal. I felt down the side of the sofa and felt the tell-tale signs of cat damage. I knew in an instant that my cat would be at home here. We organised to drop her off the next day.


We returned home via the supermarket to buy some cat food and a small treat for her new slaves.


Last Day

Although I have not been to work for the last three weeks today is my official last day at work. I laid in bed this morning luxuriating in that thought.


The car needed to go to the garage this morning so that the boot catch can be fixed. It is a bit of a pain as I won’t own the car by the end of the week but I feel a working boot catch my help to maintain its value. They gave me a loan car to use whilst the work is being carried out. It feels like a tin box with a motorbike engine. I won’t be driving it very far so I think I can tolerate the high revving tininess of it for the day.


I had my six-monthly fear-fest that is my regular visit for a check-up at the dentist. After a bit of prodding and poking around and making me jump with the fear of potential pain, she declared that all was well with my mouth. She then set about polishing my teeth. They are now slightly yellow but shiny.


The garage rang, they had wobbled the wires in the boot around and the catch had started working. At this point they tied everything tight and hoped that it would stay working. The alternative would be a new wiring loom in the back. That would be far too expensive for a car that I only intend to own for the next few days


The people from Friday came back for a second viewing this evening. They wandered round whilst the agent assured me that they were almost certain to take the house. They didn’t; they will let me know tomorrow. I wasn’t happy.


I was rather annoyed at myself at getting my hopes up. I spent the rest of the evening being dispassionately absorbed in watching videos. I wasn’t good company this evening.



Some friends had arrived from the midlands last night to wish me well, they were staying in a local campsite. I’d offered to take them out for breakfast at a local café. A full English was probably the best thing for my hangover as well. We sat there and chatted as if the last twenty years had not existed. It was so nice to see them again.


The rest of the day was lost to the vagueness of the hangover. I wasn’t capable of much more that sitting on the sofa and dribbling. This is why I don’t go out drinking that often.


Mum had invited us over to eat at one of their friend’s houses, or at least that is what I think happened. I picked up Mum, Dad and many bottles and drove them there. We sat down to a prawn and melon starter followed by a roast lamb Sunday dinner. It was a wonderful dinner but I really could face any of the wine that was freely flowing.

Traffic Lights

On the way home, I nearly pulled out into a lane of fast moving traffic as I was looking that the wrong traffic lights. I was very tired, I needed sleep.



This was my last swim with the Tri club so I was determined to be there; I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the swim set as it involved the use of fins. My fins are in a big cardboard box that is probably in a warehouse waiting to be loaded into a container and be taken overseas. I did spend a lot of time chatting to people at the pool side and not actually swimming but I felt that in this case, I was fully justified in doing that


After the swim Loved one and I settled into a cup of hot chocolate and a toasted tea cake. The head coach wandered over and thanked me of all the things that I’d done for the club during my time with them. I was quite touched as I really thought that I did the bear minimum.


The house is feeling quite empty now that most of my possessions are no longer there. The main problem though is that there is very little to do. I sat on the sofa and whiled away and hour or so by sleeping and playing silly computer games


I’d organised a little party in a local pub as a sort of farewell to all the people I know. I turned up to find four people had already arrived. I have a particular nervousness about organising these sort of things as I’m convinced that no one will turn up. My fear was dispelled within the hour as more people arrived and wished me well. A few commented on how my coaching had helped them, this surprised me as I have never been given this sort of feedback on my coaching.


We left the pub at really quite late and left a trail of sandwiches behind us. I was tired and clueless about how much beer I’d drunk. It was a lot.


Lie in

The down side of an evening out and getting back late is that I was unable to start the day in the usual way. I had a couple of false starts before finally rising from the pit of doom and making enough tea to rehydrate my body into some semblance of humanity.


We visited the wedding photographer this morning and spent a happy hour or so going through all the photos and reliving the memory. We have enough photos to boar a sizable audience into submission.


I checked my e-mails when we left and found we had a viewing in a few hours’ time. Even though the house was empty it was still in a bit of a mess. It needed some spit and polish to make it look appealing. We both scrubbed and hoovered as if our lives depended upon it.


It started badly, the agent had brought the wrong key. I offered the usual line “please excuse the mess we are in a bit of chaos”. It’s a standard lie as everyone knows that we would have been cleaning and tidying. Once inside the potential tenants seemed to fall in love with the place. They were also interested in taking on the cat and the sofa. I didn’t want to be too optimistic as I’ve been in this situation before but it was hard not to be.


We dropped in on my sister on the way to get some food. She was watching a programme on bees and in her usual style had over done it during the day. She seemed to have forgotten that she was only just out of hospital.


Lie in

After all the excitement and emotions of the last few days lying in bed puzzling over candy crush seemed like a good idea.


Loved one wanted a lift into town at eleven thirty and my mum was going to pop round at some time this morning. It was inevitable that Mum would appear within minutes of when we had to leave. This is always the way.


I spent the afternoon trying to cancel services and bills. I kept being put through to their retention departments who wanted me to stay with the company and offer me all kinds of incentives. The conversation always ended abruptly when I told them where I was going.


I thought I had a home for my cat. I felt it would be cruel to subject an old cat to the inoculations and the long plane journey so I’d asked around and found someone willing to take her on. One text blew that plan out of the water. I have an “in case of emergencies smash glass” plan that would involve a life time of guilt and recriminations but I wasn’t willing to activate it just yet. First an appeal via social media.


We went to a local pub to meet up with and ex-boss this evening. Loved one and I went a little earlier so that we could eat before he arrived but we had totally forgotten that it was quiz night. All of the inside tables had been reserved. The weather wasn’t too inclement so we decided to sit outside until a table came free. My ex-boss was nearly frozen before we managed to get inside. Once there we set about answering all the quiz question out loud, and most likely wrong. It was an entertaining evening



I was up and about unusually early this morning. I felt I had a lot of preparation to do this morning ready for the movers to pack my life into boxes. In the end, I got everything finished way ahead of time.


To fill the time before the movers came Loved one showed me how to play Candy Crush: this game makes no sense to me at all. I have no idea how the thing works or how a game is one. I seemed to be following a set of hints, this is not me playing the game, this is a computer instructing me what to do. Every now and then Loved one would suggest an inexplicable move in another part of the game; suddenly, all kinds of things would happen and words would appear on the screen. I still have no idea what was going on.


The movers arrived late due to a main road being pulled to pieces. This has been a feature of many road journeys in the area for the last week. They quickly and efficiently packed all my assorted trivia into cardboard boxes and loaded them into a van. One of the guys was a cyclist so we had a long chat about my bamboo bike and the Trike. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d loosened everything off I’m sure I could have persuaded him to have a go. That would have brought some comedy value to an otherwise emotional day.


My sister had an operation on her back today. It involved a long needle, x-rays and general anaesthetic. She was first on the list so it was all over by nine thirty. We wandered round at about six to see how she was and to off load some of my junk on her.


We had dinner with my neighbour again this evening. He prepared baked salmon and it was truly lovely. He served it with vegetables collected from the garden and a bottle of wine.


We discussed whether salt water fish drink or not; it turns out that they do and fresh water fish don’t. It’s all to do with osmosis.