I woke half an hour before the alarm this morning so the tiredness of a frustrating evening must have had some good. I staggered down stairs, discovered that I’m still the same (heavy) weight and then made some breakfast. It was omelette again. I toyed with the idea of not having omelette but the thought was too hard to bear.


The journey to work this morning was a joy. It felt as if everyone else was on holiday. I got to the office far too early but this will justify an early departure so I’m not that bothered.


I headed off to the swimming pool at lunch time to find a long queue of kids and parents waiting to get in. I calculated that by the time I got to the front of the queue it would be time to turn around and go back to the office, so I gave up. I didn’t feel too bad about doing that as I was feeling tired.


The afternoon moved at a pedestrian pace. A colleague was planning her wedding, she hasn’t even got a partner. She had less to do that I did.


I came home via the jewellers to pick up my ring. I slipped it on to check that it fitted. It felt like it had been there forever. I took this as a good sign.


I hadn’t planned to do much this evening and I achieved it. It’s nice to have the odd success.



I wasn’t woken up quite so early today but earlier than I really wanted to be. I laid in bed waiting for the alarm to sound whilst listening to the birdsong. The cat compounded the being awake by walking over me at any opportunity.


This morning seemed like a repeat of yesterday morning only with the addition of having a shave. I feel that I should do something different in the mornings although I have no idea what.


I got half way to work before I realised that I’d not packed my swimming goggles. I had everything else but I find swimming without goggles almost impossible. I have never been able to open my eyes underwater in a pool.


I ate my way through a couscous salad wishing that I could be in the pool. In fact, I was wishing that I could be anywhere else but sitting at my desk eating couscous with bits in it.


The motorway seemed to be one long jam this evening but that didn’t stop the man in front of me driving like an erratic loon. He seemed to be waving his hands about as well. My guess was that he was talking on a hands-free mobile but using his hands anyway. At one point on the journey I was cut up by three Mercedes Benz in a row. There must have been a club meeting.


I did another short session on the bike this evening. It was a tiring 15 minutes of getting sweaty. It’s sad that all the hard-gained fitness has faded to nothing during my convalescence.


After showering I discovered I’d not taken my soup out of the freezer last night. This added a lot of extra time to the whole warming process so I busied myself by taking books from the book shelf and putting them in a bag.


I had a battle with the on-line music store this evening. I have not used this particular on before and it seems to be designed to actively discourage anyone from buying music. It took me about an hour to work my way through the layers of checks before I could finally download the track I desired. If it wasn’t so imperative that I had the track I would have given up long before.



Another morning, another dawn chorus. I’m getting a little fed up with being woken up at silly o’clock in the morning and then not being able to go back to sleep.


I’m still the same (heavy) weight. I’ve been the same (heavy) weight for many days now. I’d like to be a lighter stable weight.


It was day two of the bacon omelette, I was starting to wish that I’d made some bread rolls at the weekend so that I could have poached eggs for breakfast. I’m getting bored of bacon omelette.


There was a holdup on the motorway this morning. I sat in the traffic and realised that everything was back to normal. It was a depressing thought. At least there is light at the end of my tunnel.


I dragged myself away from the screen at lunch time and went for a swim. I wanted to do an easy swim as I’ve not been in the water for nearly 3 weeks. Once I was in all thoughts of going easy left my head. There was someone else in the lane and they were going slightly slower than me. I could reel them in slowly over many lengths. I got within a couple of meters and then, all of a sudden, they got faster. I think they may have realised what I was trying to do. I felt good after that swim and vowed to go again tomorrow.


I spent the evening working out how many boxes I would need to pack my life into. I wandered round the house with a tape measure and size guide making wild guesses. My plan is to make an estimate, double it and then add fifty percent. That should cover all eventualities. Even applying this well-trodden technique, it still seemed like a very small number of boxes to pack my life into.



This waking with the dawn chorus thing is starting to get a little tiresome as dawn is so early at the moment. I tried hiding from it by putting my head under the pillow but that didn’t help the being awake at silly o’clock in the morning. It was time to get up by the time I’d fallen asleep.


I weighed myself this morning to find that my body had settled on a new heavier stable weight. I’m not happy about this as I can feel bits wobbling around. I contemplated this whilst I made an omelette and did my morning stretches


I’d not missed the morning treadmill for the last two weeks but I was back on it today. The motorway was reasonably benign today. I would rather have been at home though


I got to work to find that I had been added to a test program that meant I had to go through a long and laborious process to log into my e-mail. It only took two hours and three calls to the help desk before I could view the full hideousness that was my inbox. I spend the next few hours cutting the pile of e-mails down to size


Even though I’d brought my swimming things with me ready for a dip I’d lost the urge to go by lunchtime. I settled into my packed lunch instead. I didn’t feel that guilty about it.

Desk mate

The guy that sits next to me was obviously bored. He kept asking stupid questions and trying to distract me. It was all very annoying. If I did the same to him it would probably react very differently.


The consultant had said that I could do some gentle indoor cycling, so that is exactly what I did. It consisted of a warm up followed immediately by a cool down. It didn’t feel very satisfying


I spent the rest of the evening trying to work out how many boxes I would need to pack my belongings in and ship them around the world. This resulted in frustration and a headache so I gave up and went to bed.



There was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. I don’t normally wake up for things like that and I have been known to sleep through the emergency services attending to a fire a street away but for some reason it woke me up and I slept fitfully for the rest of the night.


Yet again I was awake enough to make a cup of tea but not awake enough to stay out of bed. I laid there wondering why I was quite so tired and why my hair resembled a hay stack.


I prepared poached eggs on a bread roll again today. I toyed with the idea of making some bread rolls today so that I could carry on having poached eggs throughout the week but in the end, I made the decision to have omelette

Loose end

I didn’t really have that much to do today, so that is exactly what I did


I have to go to work tomorrow as my excuse for not working has run out. I’m not looking forward to it but I felt that I should prepare myself. I made my lunches for the next few days, Couscous salad, and put them in the fridge. After that I worked my way through a punnet of strawberries. Normally at this time of year I enjoy making strawberry jam but this year will not be normal.


I continued doing very little into the afternoon until I was engulfed in the exhaustion that only comes with doing very little. I had to take a nap to get rid of the lingering tiredness.


It had taken me all day but eventually I got around to putting the peddles back on my bike. I’d taken them off a while ago so that I could use them at Herne Hill but as I’ve not been doing any exercise recently there didn’t seem to be any point rushing to put them back on.


It was pasta shells with a mushroom sauce this evening, it was very tasty but a bit heavy on the garlic. I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to me tomorrow.


I rounded off the evening with a whisky as there was a measure sitting in the bottom of the bottle looking lonely. I had the notion that it may take smell of garlic away. It didn’t work.



The birds were singing their hearts out very early this morning, exactly when I didn’t want to wake up. I listened for a while as I had no choice but then slowly drifted back to sleep. I had no desire to join in with the singing.

Lie in

I made a half-hearted feeble attempt to get up but it resulted in a cup of tea and an extra half hour under the covers. This was a much better way to enter a Sunday morning.


Eventually I made it into the kitchen and prepared some poached eggs on toast. There is only so much muesli that I can eat before I revert to eggs for breakfast


I sorted through another load of paperwork today and pared it down to the things that I actually need. This turned out to be a wad of certificates and a sheet of A4 full of important information. All the rest was just fluff and dust that looks important but when you study it for any longer than a few seconds turns out to be pointless. The problem is that I follow the shoebox of shame filing methodology where anything that looks like it is important and should be kept is kept.

Shed work

I turned my attention to finding the things I wanted or needed to take with me in the shed. It turned out that there was very little. Once I had sorted through the years of accumulated stuff it turned out that I only needed two small bags of things. One was full of bike specific tools and the other was full of bike spares. Everything else was consigned to the “to go” pile. After a cup of tea and a little contemplation I decided that there was the vaguest possibility that I may do a little climbing in the future so I kept my climbing equipment.


I had intended spending most of the day making the garden look neat and tidy but after all the sorting I settled for just making it look neat. The main thrust of this was to remove the yards of sticky weed that had tangled its way into most of the boarders. It was amazing what a big difference a small thing like this made.

Technical Support

Mum wanted another e-mail address as hers seems to attract a more than average amount of spam email. Then she decided she needed an address for shopping and a new address for personal emails. I dutifully set them up as requested knowing full well that this was going to come back and bite me. I have no doubt that she’ll get impatient or forget a password or possibly both and then for some magical reason it will be my fault that she cannot access her email.


Mum had cooked roast pork for dinner and served it with roast parsnips, new potatoes, cabbage, peas and asparagus. We followed that with cheese and biscuits. It was a lovely Sunday dinner, Mum did mention after the meal that she would miss our Sunday dinners when I move away. She really doesn’t want me to leave the country.


I got home and realised that I smelt. It was something to do with having been in the garden and not having a wash before leaving the house. I needed a shower. Once clean it dawned on me that going to bed with wet hair was not a good idea as I’d wake up looking like a scarecrow. I had a can of beer whilst I waited for it to dry.



I was coaching the early session this morning so I had to crawl out of bed almost the moment the alarm went off. My system wasn’t prepared for that. I got to poolside with seconds to spare and spent the rest of the session telling the swimmers all about body alignment during the rest periods.


As I coached both sessions today I felt that I deserved the hot chocolate and toasted tea cake afterwards.


I went to the supermarket after swim coaching. I had a remarkably short list so it didn’t take long to zoom round the aisles like a man possessed. I hit the jackpot at the checkout as far as my nephew is concerned. The person in front of me didn’t want the Lego cards that they are handing out at the moment so I got a whole bunch more for him. He will be a very happy chap when I give to him.


I went through my kitchenware today to work out what I am packing and what I’m giving away. The keep pile filled the kitchen table, the throw pile filled the kitchen. It was surprisingly easy to whittle down the pile to the essentials, such as my pasta machine.


I had spaghetti again this evening. This time with a vegetable sauce and no beer.


I went through some of my paperwork this evening and found that a lot of it could be thrown away. I stumbled across a folder that contained a pile of certificates dating back to when I was in primary school. I was quite proud of some of those certificates.


After sorting out all that paperwork I felt I deserved a beer before bedtime.