The alarm went off but I failed to get out of bed. My intentions to get on the bike trainer this morning came to nothing as I rolled over and went back into a blissful half sleep for another half an hour.


I idled my way to work, I had no real desire to be there but I’d stepped onto the daily treadmill and I was kind of committed.


My morning slipped by in a haze of meetings and conversations. The highlight of the morning was the arrival of my pay slip containing the money amount I was selling my soul to this corporation for. At least now i could contemplate what to do with the cash.


I got the invite to the call a minute before it started and contemplated giving it a miss. However I heard a colleague in a meeting room on the call so I joined her. After the call she quizzed me about how I was getting on and about my predecessor. It was all very polite but it was obvious that there was a level of animosity there. I get this impression from a lot of people.


I ventured outside at lunchtime for the second time this week. Today’s excuse was to buy two runs of tomatoes from the supermarket just down the road. It was nice to see daylight rather than the pale blue screen of my laptop.


One of the women in the office is leaving today so they had a little chocolate and cake party. My department was invited so we spent a happy half hour eating and chatting.


I got back to my desk to find multiple messages from my predecessor about a report that hasn’t been delivered. I quickly papered over the cracks but that didn’t stop her issuing a screed of text to tell me I wasn’t doing my job correctly. I’ll be happier when she has gone and I can just get on with things.


I was glad to leave today and as a bonus I got a seat on the bus. I could gently fall asleep whilst it took me home.


I made something that was inspired by a moussaka. It comprised of layers of aubergine and pasta sauce topped with potatoes and a cheese sauce. It took a while to construct and spent a while in the oven. It tasted wonderful.


After expending all that energy cooking and eating I felt tired. I finished off tightening the handles on the pans and made my way to bed only being side-tracked for about an hour by Loved One doing some tidying.




I had no inclination to get up this morning. I didn’t even pretend that I wanted to sit on the trainer. It felt a lot better lying in bed drinking tea. I still has to get up and get ready for work bit at least I was full of tea


I started talking to my opposite number today and that was the right thing to do. He is starting to be a little more cooperative. He has a similar sense of humour and just wants to get on without the pettiness that we both have to endure. He even let slip that the person I was taking over from wasn’t exactly perfect either. His impression was that she was a bit of an operator willing to leave bodies in her wake. This all started to sound familiar.


I needed a cover for my new phone but I wanted something very tacky so that it wouldn’t get lost in the raft of corporate leather-bound phone covers that I’m surrounded by. A quick stroll to the market produced a silver sparkly number that wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of a teenage girl


The afternoon seemed to drag on and on. There was plenty to do but none of it was that interesting. I needed to leave on the dot of going home time.


Loved One had planned to go to swim training tonight so I had the prospect of am evening to myself. It was quite an appealing prospect but then I got a call from Loved One saying that she had been held up at work and wouldn’t be swimming. My plans for the evening changed. I started to think about what to eat.


I completely failed to come up with something to eat so when Loved One suggested an egg and bacon flan I jumped at the idea. We ate quite late and had it with a small salad.


I went to bed long after I should have.



I was determined to get on the bike trainer this morning, at least I was last night. I’d laid out my cycling clothes so I didn’t have to think when the alarm went off. It was still a struggle to get up and I needed a cup of tea before I started but after a few minutes of peddling it approached something near acceptable


The first order of business was to sort out the mess I’d made yesterday. Firstly I told the story to the recruiting manager. I made sure to take the blame but explain the circumstances to lessen the blow. I’d also worked out a plan to try and remedy the situation. This involved writing a proposal and sending it to the people with the power.


Once I’d got the formalities done I felt the burden lift from my shoulders. No one shouted or threatened to sack me so that was a positive.


The rest of my work day seemed to consist of meetings, waiting for meetings, preparing for meetings or mopping up after meetings.


I left work at the earliest acceptable time. I really didn’t want to be there so I escaped to the throng of homebound commuters.


Loved One whipped up a dinner of salmon with potatoes and other vegetables whilst I carried out the important task of playing with the cats in the back garden. I enjoy cooking with Loved One and miss it when we don’t.


I spent an hour or so trying to put my contacts on my new phone. It turned out to be as easy a changing a setting bit it took all the time to find that setting.


After the success of getting the contacts onto the phone I thought I would try to set the timer on the fire so I could walk into a warm living room in the morning.


All that wasted brain power made me feel very tired so I trotted off to bed. Loved One came to bed a little later and told me the fire hadn’t turned itself off.



Loved One wasn’t working this morning and she offered to make breakfast. I wandered into the kitchen to find scrambled eggs on toast with a slice of bacon on top. It was a great way to start the day.


Today was my first day of doing my job without the support of the former incumbent. She was available on the phone if need be so it wasn’t totally without support.


We had a meeting to go over the project numbers. During the meeting I noticed that there was a strong possibility that the project may end in the near future if the customer doesn’t make a decision soon. This didn’t fill me with glee


Just before I left I got a message that made clear id make a massive mistake. No one else I knows about it yet and it was too late to do anything so I decided to sleep on it. I doubt I’ll sleep well tonight


I went straight to my German class from work. None of my class mates have ever seen me in a suit before. I was a bit lost in class as I hadn’t been there last week.  It didn’t take long to work out what was going on.


I got home after a long harrowing day feeling tired. Loved One had prepared some soup and toast. That was just what I needed.


Loved One has had her old phone fixed so I’ve moved into it to short circuit all the problems I’ve been having with my phone. The new phone is completely different to my old phone so I didn’t quite finish setting it up before I went to bed. It was getting far too late to do that sort of thing



I went with Loved One down to the beach so that I could watch her whilst she swam with a friend. I walked slowly along the beach whilst they made their way through the cold water in the strange morning light. There were only a few other swimmers braving the water this morning. The temperatures dissuaded the less hardy.


Loved One’s friend was so cold when she left the water that she could barely speak. It was amusing but scary. The both went against the prevailing advice and had a long hot shower.


I waited in the club for the swimmers to gather. It was easy to tell who had been swimming. They were wrapped in layers of warm clothes, wearing hats and shivering. A few cups of warming hot drinks and plates of breakfast soon put a stop to the shivering and returned their bodies to a more comfortable place.


We went up the coast to have a late breakfast or early lunch with loved one’s daughter. She had selected a local cafe that she frequents regularly and recommended the big breakfast (me) and the well being breakfast (Loved One and daughter) the only difference between the rain was that the bacon was substituted for avocado.


We passed a shopping centre on the way home and we were told that it contained “that” shop. The one that sells “that” coat. It seemed rude not to pop in and have a look, doubly so as nearly every shop seemed to be having a sale.


It took a while to locate the shop and seconds to locate the coat. We found one that covered Loved One in down jacket warmth and that was also in the sale. On the way out Loved One noticed that a jacket she had had her eye on for a very long time was also in the sale. After pontificating on whether to have the grey collar or the back collar we left the shop with a jacket as well as a coat.


Cold water swimming is tiring and this mornings swim caught up with Loved One, she had to lie down.


I amused myself my working my way through the ironing pile whilst watching a quiz show on the internet. I should have gone for an afternoon nap too but I came over all completer-finished.


A friend cooked for us this evening, all we had to do was turn up. She served up a nice piece of garlic lamb accompanied by roast vegetables because it was Sunday. It was all very nice but over shadowed by the lime pudding she served for dessert. That was truly exceptional.


We weren’t late getting home but I needed sleep and slumped on the bed immediately. Loved One decided to watch television for a while. I vaguely remember her coming to bed but it could have been a dream.



I didn’t have to get up this morning but felt I should as Loved One had an appointment on the beach for a chilly swim. I wasn’t jealous at all.


The cats had been sleeping on the bed all week and that had left it in a sorry state ans covered in cat hairs. Washing needed to be done so I stripped the bed and got on with some other admin tasks in lieu of swimming. It wasn’t quite the same but it kept me occupied.


Once the basic chores were out of the way I had no excuses left not to get onto the trainer for a half hour session. It was only a basic session but I found it hard. Sweat was dropping off of me by the end and my legs seemed to be made out of jelly


I had to visit the phone shop to have the SIM swapped. As I predicted my phone still didn’t work properly. The people in the shop were insistent that it was my phone even though the evidence was to the contrary. I’m getting rather fed up with this situation as it has been dragging on for far too long.


I dropped my bike into the cycle shop to be serviced. This is something new to me as I quite enjoy tinkering with bikes. The problem is that now i can afford the spare parts I haven’t got the time to fiddle about with them.


My hair needed a trim so I popped into the local barbers. This was a proper mens hair shop. There were pictures of footballers on the wall a d a local match was being shown on the television. The chat was all about going out and epic drinking tales. Loved One waited outside for fear of being washed with the testosterone.


Love One wanted to visit a specific store so we went to a shopping mall only to find after much looking that there wasn’t a branch of that store in the mall. That was rather annoying.


We met a friend in an Italian restaurant in town for a pre-show meal. It was obvious that most of the people in the resultant were going to the same show. The serving staff knew it too. The service was quick and efficient even though the portions were large.


Cabaret isn’t really my thing but I enjoyed the show none the less.



I forgot to set my alarm last night so, instead of being woken up slowly by my dawn simulating lamp I was dragged kicking and screaming by the sound of Loved One’s radio alarm. This upset my delicate morning equilibrium and resulted in the little will power I have to get onto the bike trainer disappearing into the ether. I made a cup of tea instead.


I was working at the out of town office today and that meant a pleasant stroll rather than the bus. I made a token effort for dress down Friday by removing my tie.


I was told that I needed to have my photo taken for my pass. I have a blank badge that lets me into the building so I wasn’t in a hurry to have my picture stuck on it. I wandered out to reception to go through the process. I had to give permission for them to photo me and then I was then ushered into a side room for the photo. I wasn’t given a chance to do my make up or anything. I stood in position and that was when the receptionist found that the camera hadn’t been charged. I have to do it next time I’m in the office.


Most of today’s meetings involved looking at finance spreadsheets most of which made an art form out of over complicating a basically simple concept. I find the ease at which finance people can do this amazing.


My heart leapt with joy when I found that the dreaded lunchtime meeting had been cancelled. This gave me time to settle into some quality eating time.


The afternoon bunch of meetings were far easier to endure. They contained information that went straight from the presenter to my notepad without any impact on my memory.


I’m not quite sure when the earliest acceptable leaving time is so I waited for a few people to say their goodbyes before packing up and leaving. I felt the weight of the work week lift from my shoulders as I walked out the door.


An overwhelming feeling of tiredness hit me when I go home. A cup of tea couldn’t shake it so I curled up in bed and had a little nap. I didn’t even hear Loved One come home from work.


I wandered into the kitchen to find Loved One cooking a chicken dish and realised that we had a quest for dinner. I did my best to be helpful and to keep out the way at the same time.


Our friends arrived and we sat down to a very pleasant meal of harissa chicken accompanied with roast sweet potatoes and conversation. It was a lovely way to pass the evening. Even the cat enjoyed it as they seemed very insistent on joining us.



The cats were on the bed again this morning and trying to push me out into the cold. I was not happy about that but the cats didn’t seem to register my displeasure.


I weighed myself this morning and I wasn’t happy with the number that was displayed. It was far to high and was almost much too high. I had a little less breakfast than normal.


Two busses pulled up at once so I chose the second one so that I could have a seat. The second bus promptly set off and overtook the first bus. I felt quite smug about that.


I had a feeling of trepidation when I got to work, I wasn’t too keen on starting but I made a start on preparing the midday meeting in the hope that I could hold my own.


My diary had mysteriously filled so it looked like I had back to back meetings from nine thirty until three in the afternoon. This had the side effect not being able to eat until the last meeting ended, only it didn’t end. It carried on until nearly home time. On one hand I was happy that there was a possibility of losing weight on the other I was ravenous.


We needed food again so we had to go to the supermarket for vital supplies and not quite so vital but very tasty supplies.


Neither of us could be bothered to cook so we picked up some fish and chips on the way home. It required a lot less mental energy than cooking.


I had a small task to do on the computer but when I turned it on it informed me that it was updating and would take a while. Its annoying when the computer has more to do than me.


The evening seemed to be very short but I needed to sleep.



The cats had spent most of the night trying to push me from the warmth of the bed and onto the floor. They had failed to complete their evil mission but had left me hanging on the edge of the bed for most of the night. I felt I’d not slept a wink but that doesn’t explain quite how the time passed so quickly.


I swiped my card on the sensor and walked onto the bus trying to look like I hadn’t noticed that the machine wasn’t working. I sat there waiting for an anonymous inspector to clap me in irons. It didn’t happen so I had no excuse for being late into work. I wasn’t late but I really wanted to not be there.


Yesterday was a a struggle and today was worse. I’m having a real problem getting up to speed with everything that I’m meant to know.  It doesn’t help that the person whom is trying to handover to me keeps leaving bits out and then assumes that she has told me. At least my laptop does most of what it should.


I requested that the phone company rang me in the evening so of course they rang me in the middle of the afternoon. They are now suggesting that I replace the SIM card, I told them that that was where we started but they seemed to think this was the only option. I am sceptical but if I don’t they will close the call and I’d rather like my phone to work as it should.


I left work later than I felt was necessary whilst my colleague worked on the flavour of the moment ready to be heaped in glory in tomorrows meeting. It didn’t make me happy.


I looked up and didn’t recognise where we were. For a few moments I thought I’d got onto the wrong bus. I’d not, it had just taken the old route instead of the tunnel.


Loved One wasn’t home so I took the opportunity to play with the cats rather than do anything constructive.


Loved One whipped up a chicken and apricot thing with a mound of vegetables. It was just what I needed after a day of work.



The cats woke me up this morning a silly o’clock. One was sitting on my side and the other was sitting on my head. This was not the ideal way to start the day.


Despite my best intentions I failed to get on the bike trainer this morning. I still felt tired and really didn’t want to go to work this morning.


I arrived at work on time even though I’d indulged in a massive bout of procrastination. This still didn’t make me feel good about being at work.


My diary told a sorry tale of mismanagement, It was full of meetings that had been slotted into nearly every available time slot. Later I found that the free time slots were also taken up with meetings.


Lunch didn’t happen today as I was in meetings. This coupled with my almost non-existent breakfast didn’t do much to lighten my mood. I was glad when the day was over.


There was very little food in the house so there was no choice but to visit the supermarket and trail round the aisles. Food shopping whilst hungry is not an experience that I relish.

Take away

Neither of us felt like cooking so we popped into the noodle shop on the way home for food in plastic containers. It felt like cheating but it tasted good.


My cycling shorts had been laying on the floor whilst we were away in preparation for my non-existent early morning spin. As I was going to bed I noticed that they aren’t smelling at all good. A not so close sniff revealed the problem, one of the cats had scented them. I was not happy.